Dienstag, Juli 31, 2007

To be continued on the new blog

This will probably be the last post here for now.

Basically since yesterday there is my new blog online. It is about all topics of digital life, but sadly it is in german. Google can translate it for you if you. I know that some things sound really weird after an automatic translation, but the only other possibility is to learn german, for example at your nearest Goethe Institut ;-)

Once you can understand it, it will cover all topics from internet, mac-stuff, media and business in more or less regular manner.

Please feel free to comment even in english! Would be happy to hear your opinions.

Have fun reading!

Cheers Mario

Sonntag, Juli 01, 2007

That was MEB

That's it for now... last week of exams is over. A great time all together. India as well as London. And seeing the Paris campus on the last weekend was another good decision.

We will remain a community, thats for sure. But lets keep the MEBbers who remain in London united in evening activities... I will have to catch up anyway, as I missed this weekends farewell action in London!
Thanks everyone and keep in touch.

Samstag, Juni 23, 2007

Exam preparation

I have to admit that a "Mayball" lasting from 9 pm on friday until 6 am on saturday is not exactly the best preparation you can think of.
But still the afternoon today was quite efficient with preparations for International Management. One website I stumbled upon and I would like to share is businessballs.com. It sounds a bit obscene and the design is awkward and the usability poor. But it convinced me with a very likeable concept, neatly summarised and easy to understand content, no advertising, and a clear ethical purpose. Happy preparations.

Dienstag, Juni 19, 2007

Another take on global warming

To me it seems the most friendly attitude you can have towards those, who still are not conviced by scientific evidence of global warming and overwhelming indicators on its reasons.
The solution is to just avoid the question of "global warming becoming reality or not" and changing discussion to the level of possible outcomes of acting or not acting.

Have a look yourself...

http://view.break.com/311805 - Watch more free videos

If you are still interested in solutions to pollution you may wanna read an interview with the sales manager of MDI. It's not our MDI in Delhi, but the French company, who invented the air driven car. You remember... the one which Guy Negre the former Formula 1 engineer as a founder. Quite interesting.

Montag, Juni 18, 2007

Historical Happenings...

Well... we did know, that Stefan, Nico, Jonas and Dave – advertising crew from Berlin and Hamburg and former classmates – read a planning blog from london. Russell, the author of the blog, now held a conference here and luckily the faithful readers gathered in London. But we did not know how much fun it should be in the end...
Late at night after the ESCP-Gala on friday night Stefan and Jonas arrived from Berlin. We had lost Nico already after getting too drunk to find to my place and sleeping at Felix's place and Dave, who stayed with Meike.
Stefan and Nico obviously very excited by the small talks on freaky food, porn, a singing saw and other boring things. But it got really funny in the evening...
After failing to find bloody shunt club at London bridge we went back to 1001 on brick lane, meeting up with felix, jakob, seb and his girlfriend as well as a crew from my college including Pieter, Piero and some more italians ;-)
As our lovely town of London closed its only free locations at around midnight we went on towards Hoxton and while standing and making plans for the rest of the night...
we got passed by a black guy running past, requesting us to be silent with a "shhhhst". We noticed 10 bobbies running behind him, wheezing and talking desperately on their walky-talkies. We joined the athletics not to loose touch with the latest happenings.
Only to be stopped by an off-licence offering pineapple to snaffle, which two of us did very skillfully. Just in front of the police car dealing with the loudly swearing and screaming runner. Departing from the stage we walked on. Nico – in the manner of a lion slaying his antelope – literally destroyed the pineapple with his very own teeth. Blame it on the absence of a knive.

After a quick snack (party bucket) of chicken pieces at Dixie we found wet slides in highbury fields and freaky house parties at horsell road... what a night.
It was great having you here.

Freitag, Juni 15, 2007


Black tie event with many alumni, a large number of classmates and the majority of our faculty. It took place at Millienium Gloucester Hotel.
It claims to be a 5 star hotel... well the food wasnt bad, but nothing extraordinary. But the people were nice, funky pieter talking crap as usual, vinesh and fab and a whole bunch of italians!
After some average toasts, we heard a very entertaining speech of a former economic advisor of Tony Blair. About Europe's problems ;-)

By the way: I actually got the last tube at 20 to 1. Though my German crew came at 3:20 only...

India according to German news

A nice feature that they have put on the website of "Tagesschau" the most wellknown news programme in Germany. You are supposed to see all the news in e.g. the last week as small post-its on the map... but I have the impression that the Germans somehow lack news coverage of India. What a shame.

Donnerstag, Juni 14, 2007

Free thursday party in willesden

Thanks for the invitation, what a nice evening... A full fridge, Italians dressing up as girls and just a good time with great people. Cheers.

I just got a bit wet in the rain on the way back (by cycle) as the weather did not comply with the summer motto of the party.

Montag, Juni 11, 2007

Last minute defeat and relaxing at Stokefest

We have to admit that it wasnt the day of the MEBs. In our controversially announced match on the Vale pitch against the GMCs we fought for 45 minutes but lost it in the extra time... Bad luck.

I relaxed on a nice biketrip with Julia, passing by highgate to Clissold Park where was the Stokefest going on. Some nice views on London and beautiful flowers on the way and relaxed open-air music on a sunny sunday afternoon...

Donnerstag, Juni 07, 2007


Just when I came here I got a bike from Brick Lane. A wise decision as I am using it everyday and its a fast, healthy, cheap and green way of moving around London. I got a mascot for it from Teresa. Its a donkey but more beautiful than all jumping cats...

If you want to drive through London as well, you can order free maps and let the computer calculate you a route from one point to another. Though its not as good as the Berlin one, where even the condition of roads are incorporated: a good start. You will find more news about cycling in London at LCC.

Montag, Juni 04, 2007

Company Project

The design is done and some slides for tuesdays final presentation are ready... it got a bit late though. Still a lot of work on the content is left. Some statistical analysis as well. We have analysed more than 70 annual reports of the biggest European Companies in terms of the quality of their reporting and national differences.
Somehow glad that its almost done.

Dienstag, Mai 29, 2007


Have a look at Treehugger.com. It really became one of my most favourite website on green news. Its inspiring, informative and miles ahead of mainstream media...

Montag, Mai 28, 2007

Weekend at home

A spontaneous trip to the south of Germany. More than 25 degrees and sun made it a pleasent weekend mainly at my parents place, who live about here. It's where I grew up as well. Nice scenery and green fields all over the place...
Even more on the countryside is the house of Julia's grandma at a small place called "Tautenhofen". And it's the sweetest grandma you can imagine...

Donnerstag, Mai 17, 2007

photo shoot...

Nice action with Laurent happened yesterday. We did some authentic pics of our campus and some people here. Supposed to go on a ESCP website... we'll see.

Olivier and Piero:

By the way: These are Chris (my boss where I work at college) and Kinshuk (my colleague at work, classmate and buddy from India):

Dienstag, Mai 15, 2007

The Italian Job

Hejo, what a great weekend. Good old friends, damn sunny and a beautiful scenery.
Its been a crazy idea though. Only 3 days in Torino but going to Venice, which is a 6hrs train ride away.

That's been the whole crew: Dinish (German, studying in Wuppertal), me, Akshay (studying in Torino), Kinshuk, Anirudh (the other guy from Torino), Vinesh and Nakul.

Our campsite in Mestre (10minutes outside Venice) was cheap and close to a supermarket. Only there was a highway in between our camping and the beer shop...
Anyway we managed to deliver beer to our pool with the help of a shopping cart and 45 minutes of spare time.

On the way back we stopped in Milano. Though I've been there as a kid already, I can't remember having climed the Duomo. Nice view but skeptic Italian look...
More Pictures...

Montag, April 30, 2007

My Team

BVB is getting competition. It is a mistake to assume that I would not stay loyal to my home team. But you need to adjust to new circumstances. This is what I see from my rooftop (there is a small door in my room where I can climb up to the roof):

So when Klaus came from Germany and told me that he got some tickets for Arsenal vs. Fulham I just had to go. Though the ticket price probably equals a season ticket for any German team... but anyway.
You are amazingly close to the pitch and there are no fences or anything. And there were some stars like Jens Lehmann, Thomas Rosicky or Alex Hleb as well. Though Thierry Henry is injured and was on the stands only. Great experience with some nice guys from T-Systems UK.

Montag, April 23, 2007

Exams again...

A whole week, one a day... sounds like fun.

Today we had consumer behaviour already, that was an easy one.

Sonntag, April 22, 2007

London Marathon

If you thought you need to run to participate in a marathon, see this. He just took the firestones car in the London Marathon last weekend. There were some other freaky creatures making their way along the 40something kilometres. I liked most the kloo (promoting WaterAid), which was the starter of the water foundation promoting water saving flushes.
Julia and me got hooked by the great atmosphere and the running fever and bought a nike+ and signed up for the Berlin Marathon in September!
So guess what fancy dress we will wear...